Rethinking Disaffection: Dr. Xine Yao talks about the potential for resistance and transgression in unfeeling and what that means for how we approach texts.

Episode Summary

Join Green College residents Rodney Stehr and Serena Klumpenhouwer (PhD student) as they interview Dr. Xine Yao, a lecturer at University College London and co-host of the podcast "PHDivas", about their recently published book, "Disaffected: The Cultural Politics of Unfeeling in Nineteenth Century America". Drawing on the works of Melville, Sui Sin Far, and Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, Dr. Yao talks about disaffection as a form of affective disobedience, how exploring unfeeling can challenge norms around expressivity and whose emotions get acknowledged, and the task of asking ourselves whether we are playing the role of a Judas goat in institutional spaces.

Episode Notes

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